Fall Scholarship Dinner

At last night's Monday Night Dinner, the Alpha Xi Delta Academic Team recognized the women of Rho Chapter for their outstanding work academically.  Academic Achievement Chair Brittney Albin stated that the Fall 2011 semester was a great semester for Alpha Xi Delta Rho Chapter.  "This is the most names we've ever had to put on the program!" Albin said.

Chapter members were recognized for their Fall 2011 GPA.

21 women received the Tri-Alpha meaning they have earned a semester GPA of a 3.2 or higher for 3 consecutive semesters.  These women are: Karly Barada, Julia Benson, Megan Bombeck, Hailey Buddenberg, Haleigh Compton, Mary Davis, Casey Gossman, Gretchen Gould, Morgan Grueble, Caitlin Hassler, Morgan Heim, April Lutz, Dana Nielson, Emilie O'Connor, Christine Oschner, Jess Peterson, Taylor Pollard, Mandy Rosenthal, Kelsey Schneider, Audrey Swanson and Nikki Wiest.

Haley Helgoth, Jenna Lenihan and Grace Sedlacek were last night's Lulu's Pearl Recipients.  These women have earned a semester GPA of a 3.5 or better for four consecutive semesters.

3.5-3.74 Semester GPA: Abby Allgood, Karly Barada, Megan Bombeck, Meredith Butler, Lauren Catangui, Alex Cerveny, Mary Davis, Chelsea Eckhardt, Nicole Garbowicz, Haley Helgoth, Kayla Herman, Kacie Kavanaugh, Daina Keehn, Megan Kelly, April Lutz, Hannah Martin, Sarah Nelson, Stephanie Nelson, Dana Nielsen, Emilie O'Connor, Alexis Pawoll, Emily Pribyl, Kelsey Schneider, Emily Steffen, Alise Walz, Hayley Wiegand, Jenna Wiest and Sarah Wright

3.75-3.99 Semester GPA: Ariel Atwood, Julia Benson, Sydnie Burton, Kyndell Colgrove, Louise Duncan, Lauren Durbin, Amanda Francis, Gretchen Gould, Brooke Grossenbacher, Caitlin Hassler, Janelle Kozeny, Alli Kraft, Jenna Lenihan, Emma Likens, Cory Masi, Mel Mitchell, Valerie Pavlicek, Gretchen Pille, Taylor Pollard, Michelle Potts, Chelsea Price, Brittney Psyllas, Brianna Rooney, Mandy Rosenthal, Audrey Swanson, Jessica Ward and Nikki Wiest

4.0 Semester GPA: Brittney Albin, Casey Gossman, Morgan Heim, Nicki Johnson, Lucy Kneifl, Jen Markt, Kat Mckenzie, Grace Mortensen, Christine Oschner, Rebi Ramm, Grace Sedlacek and Sharla Schreiber

Most Improved GPA: Amanda Francis, Malori Hagge, Michelle Potts and Brittney Psyllas

4.0 Cumulative GPA: Brittney Albin, Lucy Kneifl, Jen Markt, Rebi Ramm

Way to go, ladies! Keep up the excellent work this semester!

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